Chutney Recipe – The Famous One

There is a famous chutney* that all South Africans love. It is a chutney that is not easily found in the US, but you can sometimes find it in some grocery stores with an international foods section.

chutney recipe

Now, thanks to Nadia Storm, you can make this chutney yourself!

According to Nadia, the grandson of the famous chutney creator, scaled the original chutney recipe down to the following recipe that makes 18 bottles of mild chutney.

chutney recipe

Chutney Recipe

One of South Africa’s most famous grandmas
Chutney is used as a condiment on meat dishes. This is the recipe for that famous South African chutney.
Course Condiments
Cuisine South African
Servings 18 bottles


  • 1.35 lbs dried Peaches (21.5 oz)
  • 0.52 lbs dried Apricots (8.4 oz)
  • 3 quarts Brown wine vinegar (12.7 cups)
  • lbs white Sugar
  • 1.1 lbs Onions
  • 0.4 oz Salt
  • ¼ oz Cayenne Pepper
  • 1 – 2 quarts Brown wine vinegar (for soaking)
  • 2 quarts Brown wine vinegar (for mixing)


  • The fruit should be left in the soaking vinegar overnight, then cooked in the same vinegar until soft. Drain.
  • Put the fruit through a mill.
  • Add the sugar (dissolved) and onions (minced) and cook in a pot with the brown wine vinegar. The amount of vinegar depends on the consistency. It should not be too runny or too thick, but have the same consistency as the end product you find in the bottle.
  • Add spices and cook for one to two hours. Stir occasionally with a wooden spoon to prevent burning.
  • Sterilize your bottles and spoon in the mixture.

* Yes, it’s that famous chutney. We don’t want to mention the name, just in case…

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    • I can’t vouch for this because I haven’t tried it personally, but have seen someone recommend malt vinegar as a substitute.

  • Balsamic vinegar is a brown wine vinegar easily found in the USA. It seems a more likely substitute than malt.

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