Tasty South African Food Recipes

south african food recipes

South African food recipes are very popular among South Africans, whether they live in South Africa or whether they live abroad. South Africa is a diverse country with people from all over the world, which means that you can enjoy delicious food from several continents.

Here are some South African food recipes for some of our favorite South African dishes that you must try.

South African Food Recipes


Biltong Recipe

biltong recipe

Biltong is seasoned, dried meat strips and a favorite snack among South Africans.

Buttermilk Rusks Recipe

buttermilk rusks recipe

Rusks are similar to biscotti. Most people dunk them in their coffee and eat them. There are many variations of rusks. Buttermilk rusks are a favorite among South Africans.


Chutney Recipe

chutney recipe

Chutney is a favored condiment among South Africans. This is the recipe for that famous South African chutney.

Monkey Gland Sauce Recipe

monkey glad sauce recipe

Monkey Gland sauce is a very popular sauce in South Africa. It is especially good on burgers or steak.


Roosterkoek Recipe

roosterkoek recipe

Roosterkoek is grilled bread (buns) that is an old-time South African favorite.

Vetkoek Recipe

vetkoek recipe

Vetkoek is essentially a deep-fried bread dough ball that looks like a bun. They are crispy on the outside and bread-like inside. South Africans typically cut them open and fill them with curried ground beef or cheese and syrup.


Ginger Beer Recipe

ginger beer recipe

Ginger beer, known as “gemmerbier” in Afrikaans, is a delicious drink with a ginger flavor.

Main Dishes & Meat

Bobotie Recipe

bobotie recipe

Bobotie is a meat dish that has it’s origins in South Africa’s Cape-Malay culture. It is very flavorful, but not hot.

Boerewors Recipe

boerewors recipe

Boerewors is a South African sausage with a coriander flavor. It is very popular and highly sought-after by South Africans living outside South Africa, i.e. when it can’t simply be bought at the local meat market.

Ostrich Delight Recipe

ostrich pie recipe

Ostrich Delight is an ostrich pie containing ostrich, mushrooms & onions.

Side Dishes

Krummelpap Recipe

krummelpap recipe

Krummelpap is a variation on mielie pap, enjoyed by many in South Africa. It goes well with a braai (barbecue).

Mieliepap Recipe

mieliepap recipe

Mieliepap is similar to what we call “grits” in Texas. Like Krummelpap, it goes well with a braai.

Sweets & Desserts

Brandy Tart Recipe

brandy tart recipe

Brandy tart is a cake-like tart that contains pecans and dates, topped with a special syrup and Brandy.

Koeksisters Recipe

koeksisters recipe

Koeksisters are deep-fried dough twists dipped in a special syrup.

Marshmallow Tart Recipe

marshmallow fridge tart recipe

A delicious fridge tart containing marshmallows and pineapple.

Melktert Recipe

melktert recipe - milktart recipe

Melktert, also sometimes called “milk tart” is a tart with a custard-like filling, sprinkled with a little cinnamon.

Pancakes/Crepes Recipe

Pancakes (aka Crepes in the US) are a South African favorite. This recipe is easy and it works well.

Peppermint Crisp Tart Recipe

peppermint crisp fridge tart recipe

Peppermint Crisp Fridge tart is a fridge tart with a creamy filling, topped with grated Peppermint Crisp, a chocolate bar made in South Africa.

Soetkoekies Recipe

sugar cookies recipe

“Soetkoekies” are sugar cookies, and we all know how good those are!

Other Food-Related “How To”

How To Make A Biltong Box

resources - biltong box

Make your own biltong box to make your own biltong and droëwors.

We hope that you have found recipes for some of your favorite South African food. If you have South African food recipes that you would like to share with us, please…

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