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Who This Site Is For

South Africans in Austin ( is aimed at...

  • South Africans living in the Austin, Texas area
  • South Africans living elsewhere in Texas
  • South Africans living elsewhere in the USA (or even the world, for that matter)
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    South Africans wanting to immigrate to the USA

What's Your Situation?

If you're already living in Austin, Texas, or elsewhere in the USA...

Most South Africans who are already living in the USA, are looking to recreate a little of "home" by making South African food or meeting other South Africans at events or online. Here's some help with that...

If you're looking to move to Austin...

In addition to the things above, we have some useful information to help you with your decision about where to live in Austin.

If you're looking to immigrate to the USA...

If you have immigration questions, take a look at our Immigration section. There are some useful articles, as well as our answers to frequently asked questions.

Disclaimer: We are not immigration attorneys. Information in the immigration section should not be considered to be legal advice.

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