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Making Boerewors

resource - make boerewors like a pro

How To Make Boerewors

An article that teaches you step-by-step how to make boerewors like a pro. This is the method that we have been using for years, with great success. You can easily do it too!

LEM #5 Big Bite Grinder .35 HP

To make boerewors, you will need a good grinder. This is a high-quality portable grinder that comes with a sausage-stuffer attachment.

  • Grinds about 4 lbs of meat per minute (so you don't grind meat forever) 
  • A large meat pan helps you work through the meat a lot faster.  
  • Peace-of-mind with a 5-year warranty and lifetime customer support.
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LEM #5 6mm Cutting Plate

A stainless-steel cutting plate that fits the LEM #5 Big Bite grinder.

  • This size plate gives the correct coarseness grind for boerewors. 
  • Won't rust. 
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LEM Heavy Duty Meat Lug

You need good containers for holding meat while making boerewors. This is a heavy-duty plastic tub that is ideal for the job.

  • It won't crack or warp, even in the freezer.
  • Takes a lot of meat at a size of 15 1/4" long x 21 1/2" wide x 7" high.
  • It has a lid available if you need one. 
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Ouma's Boerewors Spices

You need spices to make boerewors. Some people use a boerewors recipe, and others prefer to buy pre-mixed spices. If you prefer to buy boerewors spices, this is a great way to go. I have seen many favorable reviews for this one!

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Natural Hog Casing

Another essential for boerewors... casing. You can often find casing in the meat section of grocery stores, or buy it at a meat market. If neither of those two options work for you, this natural hog casing will do the trick. One pack makes 20 - 25 lbs of boerewors.

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Making Biltong

resources - biltong

Making Traditional South African Biltong

An article that teaches you how to make traditional South African biltong. The article also includes a biltong spice recipe.

How To Make A Biltong Box

If you want to make biltong or "droëwors" (dried sausage), you need a way to dry the meat or sausage. A simple and efficient way to do it, is to use a Biltong Box. This article shows you how to make a wooden biltong box. (If you're short on time or desire, it also shows you how to use a cardboard box to get the job done.)

Recipe Books

Being able to cook foods from their home country, often helps people feel more at home in their new country. Other than our recipes section, here is a selection of recipe books to help you bring a little "home" to your new home in the USA.

resources - south african recipes - south african cooking in the usa

South African Cooking In The USA

Learn how to make all your favorite South African dishes right here in the USA.

  • Great variety with over 170 mouth-watering recipes.
  • Includes tips on finding or substituting hard-to-find ingredients. 
  • Quantities converted to the US measurement system. (No calculators needed!)
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resources - recipes - traditional south african cooking

 Traditional South African Cooking

Great cooks can't have too many recipe books. This recipe book brings together foods from several of South Africa's many cultures.

  • Includes old favorites, like vetkoek, milk tart, bobotie, melkkos, and more.
  • Recipes come with a description and short history... makes it interesting. 
  • Was republished several times due to it popularity.
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resource - recipes - complete south african cookbook

 The Complete South African Cookbook

Another excellent South African recipe book by a well-known author.

  • Perfect for a beginner in South African cooking.
  • Contains more than 650 basic, easy-to-prepare recipes. 
  • Covers a wide selection, like soups, meat, sauces, pastries, preserves & more.
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