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Have you thought of advertising on If you have a business that can serve a South African audience in the US, you may want to think about it.

Two Ways For Advertising With Us

There are two possible ways to consider for advertising with us:

1. Google

We display ads provided by Google’s Adsense program. This is a PPC program (pay-per-click) where you pay when someone clicks on your ad. The cost of each click is determined by Google, but you may specify a maximum amount that you are willing to pay per click. You may also specify a daily budget as a way to contain costs within your budget. You may specify as a specific website where you want your ads to appear.

The advantage of this advertising method is that you only pay when someone clicks your ad. A disadvantage is that if you bid too small an amount per click, your ads may never appear. Another disadvantage is that your ads stop showing each day when your daily budget limit has been reached.

If you would like to use this method of advertising, open an account with Google Adwords.

2. Buy Ads Directly

We have also recently started a program where you can buy ads from us directly. This is a flat-fee program, i.e. you pay a fixed amount for your chosen ads each month. Payments for ads are made via PayPal at the start of each month for the upcoming month.

The advantage of this method is that your ads will be eligible to show for the entire month that you have paid for. This makes it very simple to manage your ad budget. A disadvantage is that you have to pay your monthly fee, regardless of how many people click on your ad.

To help you make good choices for buying ads directly from us, we have prepared a guide to help you pick ad locations and website sections that you think will best target your potential customers. This guide provides information about:

  • The three ad locations we have available, and which locations provide the best return.
  • The various sections of our website and the share of overall traffic that each section receives.
  • A price list that shows the cost per ad location and website section.

If you would like to use this method of advertising, you may request a copy of our advertising guide below to get the process started:

As of July 7, 2015, this option to buy ads directly has been suspended due to the administrative burden that it presents. If you are interested in advertising on our site, please use option 1, Google Adwords.

Thanks for your interest  🙂 

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