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  • Baie nice my liefie ! 🙂 Dankie vir al jou harde werk om al hierdie makliker te maak vir ons almal.

  • Hi John

    Jy en Esme is sterre!! Nogal interresant wees om ander oud-Suid-Afrikaners se gedagtes te peil.

  • Did anyone go on the train ride in Rusk during the last Potjie weekend? My family would like to go this year and would like to know how it was?

  • Chris, check out the posting I made this morning about Texas Potjie festival. There isn’t anything about the train in there, but I thought you might find it interesting anyway.
    Thanks to everyone for your comments so far! 🙂

  • Thanks for the program you guys posted – that will help us a lot to plan this busy weekend.

    Is there any change for "us okes" who don't mind getting up early, to watch the SA/Aus game live with you?

    • You're welcome, Chris. The Reinhardts (Hugh) organized the rugby, so I'm not sure if we can watch it live. I agree that watching it live is definitely much more exciting, so you may not be the only one who is willing to get up early for the game. I'll check with Hugh.

  • I am in Frisco and will be watching the rugby pretty early. If you know of anyone in this area that want to grab it early, they are welcome. If someone is interested i will post my phone number and my email

  • Hey Michel,,, are you gunna be at the Potjie in Rusk or in Frisco ? We have the Hall at the potjie set-up for the rugby on Sat. morning, but not sure it will be at 4am… hehe 😉

  • Sorry Esme.. Want to be there, but i have to fly out on Sunday. Will be traveling next week . Bleddy werk moet alryd al die spport bederf.

  • Klink of jy beter voorbereiding moet doen vir jou "af"-tyd jong. haha 😉 Geniet maar die travelry en miskien kan ons jou volgende jaar daar sien… Onthou, dis ALTYD Labor Day Naweek ! 😉

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