Staying In Touch With Us

There is so much going on in all of our lives every day that it becomes tough to keep up with everything. Keeping up with the activities of other people or groups that you are interested in, just adds to it all.

Instead of you having to keep up with what others are doing, wouldn’t it be so much easier if the others simply kept you informed about what’s going on in their world? 🙂

Let’s take a look at all the different methods that we (South Africans in Austin) use to keep people informed. Once you know, you can pick the method(s) you prefer and let us do the work.


Even though email is the “oldie” amongst the contact methods, it still works very well.

We have a mailing list that you can sign up for. We use our mailing lists to send email notifications to list members.

At the time of writing this, our mailing list contains 7 email lists that you can choose from. Each list has it’s own specific purpose. This allows you to decide exactly which types of emails you would like to receive from us. You’re in control!

And if you decide you no longer want to receive emails from us, simply unsubscribe and you won’t hear from us again.


You can subscribe to our RSS feeds. We currently have 2 RSS feeds:

  1. SAA News: This feed contains news items, like when our latest newsletter has been published, or information about upcoming events.
  2. SAA Blog: This feed contains all the articles published on this blog.

Please note that the SAA News feed has recently been changed into a Feedburner feed. If you have previously subscribed to the original feed, it will continue to work, but I encourage you to switch over to the Feedburner feed.

If you don’t know what “RSS” is, here’s the nutshell version: An “RSS feed” is simply a special file on a website that contains information about articles (title, article text, link to the whole article). To use an RSS feed, you need a program called an “RSS reader”. When you “subscribe to an RSS feed”, all you’re doing is telling the program (RSS reader) where the special file (RSS feed) is located on the internet. The RSS reader then checks the RSS feed every few minutes and displays all the articles found. If anything new was added, you’ll see it immediately. You can subscribe to many different RSS feeds from one RSS reader, to allow you to follow a variety of topics in one place!


Many people are already on the hugely-popular Facebook, including probably you!

We have created a Facebook group called South Africans in Austin (Texas). If you are on Facebook, you are welcome to become a member of that group.

We will be posting many of our updates there as well.


Twitter is a very popular micro-blogging site that people use to stay in touch with each other. If you aren’t on Twitter yet, sign up. It is a lot of fun!

We are on Twitter. You can follow us to get updates that way.

There you have it… many different ways to stay in touch with us! Pick your favorite methods and wait for the next update from us! Talk to you soon… 😉

[Article by John]

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  • Hi all
    I live in the DFW area and I am trying to make my own boerewors. As I am sure many of us have attempted in the past. I am struggling to find pork fat and I am not getting the right fattiness. (wors is to dry) using off cuts from the the meat I buy. Does any body have any recommendations?

  • Juan, the experts in the art of making boerewors might have better advice, but we usually simply use brisket for the beef component of boerewors. Brisket contains a lot of fat in the meat, and I find that we don’t have to add much additional fat, if any.

    Your question prompted me to publish a planned article on making boerewors. Let’s continue this conversation there.

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