South African Potjie in Texas – What Is It & When?

south african potjie in texasIf you have been in Texas for a while, you may be aware of the Texas Potjie Festival. This is an annual South African cook-off that takes place in a campground over Labor Day Weekend.

Now there is a new event for South Africans over Labor Day weekend!

We recently spoke to one of the organizers of the South African Potjie in Texas about this new event… 

“The South African Potjie in Texas was established as an alternative event to the Texas Potjie Festival and is in no way affiliated. We are providing an alternative event for South Africans over Labor Day Weekend. Our goal is to promote the original spirit of camping together, having fun, visiting friends and making new friends.”

South African Potjie in Texas

And so, the South African Potjie in Texas was born…

This new event will have no competitions, like the Texas Potjie Festival does. Instead, there will be a potluck dinner where everyone prepares food and brings it to a central location for everyone to share and enjoy together.

Fun and games will be available for the children with the central theme to teach and preserve the South African Heritage for years to come.

On the Saturday evening, there will be a “sokkie” (dance), in typical South African tradition.

The 2017 event will be held in the KOA campground in Rusk, TX. It is a smaller campground.

“With people camping closer to each other, it helps to create a better community spirit.”

The South African Potjie in Texas will begin on the Friday and end on the Monday of Labor Day weekend. Those who want to arrive earlier, are of course welcome to do so.

“We invite any South Africans and their families in the US to join us for a weekend of fun!”

The first event will be from September 1 – 4, 2017.

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    • Hallo Jan. I would suggest that you connect with them via their website. They have a mailing list and you might want to sign up on that too.

    • Hi Kira. If you’re planning to go, and stay in the campground, you should probably try to make your reservation at Rusk KOA asap.

  • I need to know where and when? I’ll even make boerewors to bring to the dinner get-togethers!

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