Fall Potjie – Oct 26, 2008

Due to the success of the Summer Kickoff Potjie on Memorial Day 2008 (May 26), we decided to have another potjie event in Fall, instead of the usual braai.

This time around there were only two potjies because many of the usual potjie-makers couldn’t attend the event. There was still plenty of food to go around for the ±35 people who attended the event.

An interesting aspect of this event were our guests from Zimbabwe. One lady was in Austin to visit her daughter, who now lives here. Her husband stayed behind on their farm in Zimbabwe (one of the few white-owned farms left in Zimbabwe). The other was a family whose farm was confiscated by the Mugabe-goverment. They now operate a business in Austin.

Here are some photos from this great Potjie event.

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