Summer Kickoff Potjie – May 26, 2008

We held a Summer Kickoff Potjie on Memorial Day 2008 (May 26) at Mansfield Dam Park. In the past, we always held braais when getting together at Mansfield Dam Park, but to try something new, we decided to have a Potjie as a summer kickoff.

This event was a huge success! Including the kids, we were about 50 people. There were many new faces, which is always nice.

What was particularly nice about this event, was that all the food was ready at the same time, and everyone helped themselves to all of the available food. Then everyone ate together. This turned us all into one big group enjoying a meal and the day together. (In the past, everyone prepared and ate their own food at different times.)

Here are some photos from this great Potjie event.

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