Julius Malema – Is He South Africa’s Future?

julius malemaYou know who Julius Malema is, right? If you haven’t been in South Africa for a while, and you don’t really follow the news there, you might not know.

So let me tell you…

He’s the fellow on the right. He is also the controversial leader of the ANC Youth League, with a love for radical statements and threatening anyone he does not agree with.

“Who cares?”, you might be thinking. Well, perhaps more people should be worrying about this guy!

As ANCYL leader, and with the ANC being the party that will be governing South Africa for the foreseeable future, it is not unreasonable to see Comrade Julius as representing the next generation of leaders being groomed by the ANC in the wings of South African politics.

As such, it is entirely possible that Julius Malema could be president of South Africa down the road!

Why Is That Bad?

To get a sense of why it might be bad if Julius Malema becomes South Africa’s president, you have to look at some of the things he has been saying and doing…

Malema Quotes

I have defeated you and your apartheid regime and I’m going to defeat you again, once and for all!”

“I have defeated colonisers. I am going to defeat the children of colonisers.

Clearly Malema was referring to whites in this case. With a phrase like “I am going to…” he clearly believes that he has unfinished business with whites in South Africa.

When the current SA president, Jacob Zuma, was on trial for fraud and corruption charges a few months before his election as president, Malema said…

Let us make it clear now: we are prepared to die for Zuma. Not only that, we are prepared to take up arms and kill for Zuma.”

“Why do you want to subject him to the hands of the few, the judiciary, the judges and the media?

This doesn’t sound like the words of a man who respects the law and believes everyone is equal before the law.

Malema & South African Businesses

A few months ago, Nando’s, a chicken fast-food chain in South Africa that is known for producing funny ads, ran an ad on South African TV featuring a Malema-puppet. This prompted Malema to threaten Nando’s with a mass-action campaign.

A few months later, Nedbank, a sponsor of Athletics South Africa, decided to withdraw further sponsorship of ASA because their sponsorship requirements weren’t being met. This prompted Malema to threaten Nedbank that he would “mobilise society” against Nedbank and he spoke  “of people who are refusing to accept the transformation, of African leadership“, thereby turning the issue into racial one.

Malema & Racism

Speaking of racism, Malema likes to make racially-charged statements. A while ago he called Helen Zille, the (white) Democratic Alliance leader, a “racist, colonialist and imperialist” and a “little racist girl“. This, despite Helen Zille being part of the anti-apartheid movement.

This guy has made many other wild, controversial statements. Do a Google search for “Julius Malema” and you will see them. There seems to be an endless supply of his craziness.

Much of what Malema has to say sounds so much like the kind of stuff uttered by Robert Mugabe, who took 30 years to run Zimbabwe into the ground.

If Malema was just some lunatic on the fringe of politics, there would not be any real need to pay attention to his antics, but he is not on the fringe. Even if he is only in the ANC Youth League, he is a member of South Africa’s governing party, a party that rarely attempts to rein him in.

God help South Africa if Julius Malema ever becomes president!


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  • The latest news on Julius Malema is that he has now p'd off so many people with his controversial statements that he feels his life is in danger. The result? He is now receiving VIP protection from the ANC government at a cost of R300,000 (approx. $40,000) per month to the South African taxpayer!

  • I am honestly beginning to become ashamed of myself and of my fellow whites – we are a bunch of self-seeking, greedy and cowardly people, who will realise our folly when it's too late! The blacks are changing things so slowly that we convince ourselves that they aren't happening – but alas, they are! Soon they will control, then destroy everything! It's a shame!

    • "Soon they will control, then destroy everything! It's a shame!"..That's what you think. White people are quick to judge. This country will soon be in the hands of the rightful owners..Black people

      • South Africa is and has been in the hands of the rightful owners…black people…since 1994. That's 17 years so far. Just another 13 to go before Julius gives us a Zimbabwe re run.

  • We are not done with u yet…u better be scared coz 90% if not 99% of black males above thirty share the same sentiment.

    When u came to our land did u think of our children do u even think of our children now.

    We 4 gave & gave u a chance to change and u spit on it.

    So yah there it is its out on the open, every time we go to the voting booth we have the same thought in mind…To destroy the colonizers and their children that's why no matter how many mistakes our leaders have we will vote for them just to get back at you.

    • lebuda, your last sentence says a lot: "no matter how many mistakes our leaders have we will vote for them just to get back at you."

      If your elected leaders make mistakes and you continue to vote for them just to get back at white people, eventually the country will be ruined and your children will be paying the price long after you are gone. What will your children say? "My dad (or mom) continued to vote for that moron despite him ruining the country and now I'm living in squalor!" What a wonderful legacy for you to leave behind for your children! You need to have a chat with Madiba and let him tell what is more important, getting back at white people or building the country.

    • You stupid ignorant b*stard! The some of the economies of the rest of Africa is not as big as that of SA. You are going to destroy Africa!

      I hope that when your children come begging for food with mine one day in some foreign country, that they will be generous and not send them away. Your line of argument gives my children the right to refuse yours on e day.


  • I believe, that he will not be good for South Africa. You cannot erase what is already in the history books, the world knows. For better or worse, South Africa was better for having Europeans develop and nurture it. Under their guidance is was quite literally the "Start of Africa".

    Now it seems to have fallen somewhat, but still manages to shine but not as brightly. If this path continues the star will burn out, and the native Africans, and their socialist democracy bent on eradicating what the Europeans brought will make South Africa just another poor nation.

    You cannot hope to build and keep a modern nation, when those who built it are marginalized by reverse discrimination aimed at setting the record straight. The record is quite clear, the European contribution made South Africa a modern nation, the current and successive governments seem bent on making it the poorest one.

  • There is no reason to believe that the Black government in South Africa is any better or any worse than all the other governments in Africa. It is thus inevitable that South Africa must become like the rest of Africa. One can only wonder how long it will take for South Africa to become a basket case like the rest of Africa.

    Malema has a lot to say about “colonials”. It is interesting to see that African countries other than South Africa, have not done anything to help their black brothers in distress in Haiti. The whiteys are doing all the work and helping Haiti. Where is you at, brother? Why ain’t your grass ass out there helping yo’ brothers?

    • Since the bginning of time it has only been the Caucasian Tribes who invented anything. Thats right! Before communication between nations existed (radio, internet, telephone, telegraph, runners etc.) you guys had the exact same chance to be creative. Instead you have always been the people who raid and claim what is not yours.

      Stupid soab!

  • Malema has been endorsed by President Vuma…er … sorry… Zuma.
    Comrade Malema is the future. He condemns colonials but he wears a $30 000 colonial Breitling wristwatch, the best colonial clothes and drives an Aston Martin made by his former colonial masters. He stands for nationalising the mines and the banks. He shouts for the poor, but doesn’t hide his love of opulence – a true communist! Comrade Malema will make the despot Mugabe look like a Sunday school picnic.
    SA is on its way to becoming a true banana republic.
    And then the world will be happy.
    Very sad.

  • Actor Pieter Dirk-Uys has urged the media to "boycott Malema's crap".

    Better known as his persona, Evita Bezuidenhout, Uys used his customary straight-talking wit to cut through all the fuss about ANC Youth League president Julius Malema. He believes Malema gets too much attention from the media and says it should stop. The social commentator said Malema does not respect the media, so the media should not respect him. Uys cited the latest incident where Malema's aids told a journalist to f**k off after he couldn't attend a media briefing on Monday, should encourage people to cut him off the air forever.

    "No one in South Africa can possibly think that Julius Malema can contribute anything else except a lot of crap," Uys said.

    I think Pieter Dirk-Uys has a point here. I was becoming outraged by the youth leader’s comments but Pieter is correct, why not turn this around. Problem is this is Africa we are talking about – in the USA and UK when the papers get hold of fraud or being immoral, the person’s career is over.

    • I agree that Pieter Dirk-Uys has a point, at least in theory.

      The problem is however that Malema nevertheless has a huge following among ANC youth and he will of course continue to preach to them the stuff they want to hear, and they are the ones who will vote for him in the future. It matters little to him that you and I and the press won't vote for him. I think it is important that all his missteps be exposed.

      I'm glad the newspapers are going after him, even if it means he is getting more exposure. They should just make sure that it never comes across as a vendetta or witch hunt, but rather a simple reporting of the facts. I suppose it is risky business for the newspapers because ANCYL has already engaged in the business of threatening newspapers, just as Malema himself often likes to do.

      I really believe this guy has the potential of becoming a second Mugabe. He hates white people and has made no secret of it, and he is all about enriching himself. He merely uses the masses to keep his ANCYL position. Beyond that, he cares little for them. If he ever gets in power, I think he will run the country into the ground, just as Mugabe did to Zim.

  • I agree with your statements above. Malema is the biggest threat to all people in SA – white and Black. The Black people will suffer as much or even more compared to current suffering of citizens of Zim if he comes to power. I speak frequently to a colleague of mine, Black professional, who comes from Zim and who works in SA.

    He told me that in his region the farm invasions were so well planed that the invaders only invaded them just before the crops were to be collected. These people were army guys and Mugabe regional apparatchics who invaded the farms but when someone African from a local village wanted to join in to invade these farms, these people were severely beaten by Mugabe’s gang. Now 90 % of the agriculture is laying in ruins in Zim and millions of Africans starving!

    Well, all these people who voted for Mugabe got their first prize they deserve. Lebuda and BlackMuslim will get theirs in time. I long ago stopped being sorry for these African people who brought this misery upon themselves and their children. They deserve it and they must suffer in humility.

    The aggravating factor to me is that these arrogant people are simply standing against White people, and are not even remotely appreciating our contribution to the development of this continent. This continent would be looking so much different if we were not to arrive here in good faith. However, these developmental gains can indeed be easily reversed – in my town grass is already growing on the tar roads in the potholes and in the cracks in the tar edges. Finally, Africa is reclaiming its lot!

  • Malema becoming the president of SA is part of the process of SA becoming another basket case like the rest of Africa. The only question is: how long will it take? You think Malema is bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

    Another case in the process: A few weeks ago in the small coastal town of Knysna (voted by SA tourists to be the best town to visit in SA) a young mother (32) was raped by Knysna policeman after she had left a local restaurant and had asked the police for assistance. She escaped and went to friends house who took her to the local provincial hospital for an examination and to obtain DNA evidence as advised by the “Rape Crisis Helpline. At a subsequent ID parade she was unable to positively identify her rapists. Meanwhile her “file” at the provincial hospital “disappeared”. The rapist cops are still on the loose. Since then 3 Knysna cops have been charged for beating a man to death in the cells. He was held for possession of dagga (marijuana). Nobody at the Knysna police staion has been suspended. One would expect that the “commanding officer” of the Knysna police would have been held responsible and suspended or replaced. The cops are being accused of a cover up. The net result is that the people who are supposed to protect the citizens, are fast becoming the “enemy of the people”. If in trouble, don’t call the police.

    Democracy in SA is nothing less than mob rule by a bunch of thugs.

    • To all radically thinking black SA's out there – I wonder if a President of SA Malema will share the wealth or would follow that old coot in Zim (I think his name is Moogabee, forgive me for thinking he is not worth knowing) and take everything for himself and his cronies while the PEOPLE who voted him into a position of power are growing poorer by the day?

      If you still think it is worth your while to follow this bonehead (solid – no brains! His matric marks confirm this) you deserve what is coming to you!

  • More evidence that South Africa will be in BIG trouble if Malema becomes state president: Over the past few days (Apr 2-5, 2010) Malema visited Zimbabwe on a fact-finding mission to learn how Mugabe and ZANU-PF (Mugabe's party) did things in Zimbabwe. During that visit he had great praise for Mugabe and stated that he wanted to bring Mugabe's economic policies, including nationalization of the mines and the land-reform policies, to South Africa.

    These are the same economic policies that took Zimbabwe to the brink of economic collapse! The country had to abandon their currency, the Zim Dollar, because it had no value. Zimbabwe had an inflation rate around 10,000,000% (yes, ten million percent). Their agricultural sector has collapsed because they booted 3,700 out of 4,000 productive white commercial farmers off their farms, replacing them with peasants and some of the farms ending up in the hands of Mugabe and his cronies. This is what Malema admires and wants to take to South Africa? The man is a moron!

  • Whites have no future in SA. I predict that SA will be like Zimbabwe within the next 10 years – no investment, farmer killings, no jobs for the whites, unemployment – just another African state….. I AM GETTING OUT OF HERE!!!!

    • I have just read all of the above comments, I am so glad that most of you see what I have come to realize. That Julius Malema is a self serving and ignorant man who will bite the hands that fed him…he previously suggested Mogabe step down, then lauded him after a visit, he makes a mockery of fundamental ANC governance, and decries the judiciary set up by HIS people, the ANC….clearly he is being groomed for office

  • Didn’t someone long ago predict that the next anti-Christ would surface in South Africa. Maybe that philosopher was right!

  • I am a Zimbabwean who support the rule of our president robert Mugabe.
    Whites are not good, how many blacks have been killed by you guys? most of us grew up without fathers because of your fathers who killed our fathers, now you are talking too much becoz your own terre blanche has been killed! yes he should be killed if he does not pay someone who works for him. Kill more whites there if not all! if they are too many call me I will help you to kill more Blanches.

    • Hey Sherphered, can't you spell? The spelling is Shepherd! Typical! You can't spell and confirm again that you haven't got the ability to manage a country.

      Please come and try me on for size while you think that you can take on a Blanche.


    • Sherpered, you support the rule of Robert Mugabe? So you like the idea that Mugabe took your once-prosperous country and turned it into a basket-case? You like the idea that there is so little food available in Zim that some people eat soil (ground) to get something in their stomachs? You like an inflation rate running in the millions percent? All this comes courtesy of your man, Mugabe! Do you even know that the United Nations feeds 25% of your population every day? Do you know that some of the biggest money contributors to the United Nations are western nations with large white populations? And now you say you want to kill the whites?

      You know, I wish all remaining whites could be relocated from Zim to other nations who will happily accept them with open arms. Then we white people can withdraw from your country completely, and that includes withdrawing all food support, medicine, and other monetary support. I am sure you will enjoy the hunger and disease that will soon overtake you. You should then be happy because at least there will be no whites around. But that actually presents you with a problem because then you won't have anyone to blame for your misery. You certainly won't be blaming yourselves! Your track record proves that…

  • Not neccesary to know me.

    You guys ( I mean all of you above) have’nt use your mental gift the way it should be used. I regret for having read your thoughts. If today we still got people labelling themselves as White or Black instead of human being. The same game that Malem is playing is entained by all of you. Shame to you all.

  • No country thats been ruled by blacks made a success.They haven’t invent anything for the better of the the human race — only invented murder, rape, and to destroy anything in their way.

  • I dont think we should be using words such as blacks or whites when refering to human beings unless you are giving a discription of a person. Our so called leaders are racists and they do not set a good example. Im worried that history is repeating itself and im also worried about the next generation.

    • Phat, I also worry that history is repeating itself in South Africa. I also worry about the next generation. As things are going now, and with Malema looming on the horizon, there may not be much left for the next generation.

      South Africa needs smart leaders whose only purpose is to build the country up and make it a better place for all its citizens. Most of the current leaders don't qualify.

  • I’m incredibly dissapointed in all of you. IT ISNT ABOUT RACE ANYMORE!! it is appalling to think that my generation looks up to such simple minded people.

    If you are not for us you are against us,If you as AFRICANS are not for Africa thn LEAVE! I’m addressing Black people,Coloured people,Indian people and White people,if you are not African what are you?

    Your missionaries came to “save the dark continent”. Have you forgotten that Jesus took his first steps on African soil? that God left his footprints on our sand….

    Let me give you something to think about:
    How would you feel if an uninvited guest were to show up at your house promising improvement and prosperity but instead they end up claiming the master bedroom,the kitchen,the lounge eventually telling you to go live outside in the kennel with your family then killing your children,your grandma,your brothr,your cousins and aunts for expressing their grievances? how the hell would you feel? ..Is our anger not justified?

    We only wish to emphasize our equality, stop being so delusional in thinking that we want to destroy you or our motherland.
    We have shown you that we can achieve everything that you can….how can you throw a baby in the deep end of a swimming pool and expct them to know how to swim when they can barely walk? South Africa is growing and I am Proudly South African because I have faith in our development and progress.

    To the Black person who hates white people :You are waisting our time with your backward thinking…we are a rainbow nation working towards a brighter future TOGETHER.

    If you do not like sometihng change it. If you cannot change it,then change the way you think about it.

    If you dont like the situation you are in then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Step up or shut up.

  • ppl,im black,nd i dnt approve of what malema is doing,bcoz with what his doing, wil trigger apartheid..nd we dn nt need that ryt nw,so i’d call malema the main power station,or main switch,meaning ppl shud realise that he shud b put out,bcoz hes abusing his power..or he shud b educated well by his members

  • Go take a look at our “beautifull” south africa and what do you see?We see townships getting bigger,shaks getting smaller,RDP’s being built slower and never being finised.Hungry people but malema and zuma are fully fed,they have 2-3 houses each,we as tax payers pay everything for them and then they stil get huge paychecks for WHAT?!?

    They dont share any of theyre own money with theyre brothers.They take everything and run it to the ground and leave nothing but distruction for our children.What would SA have looked like if colinists never came?!?!Honestly ask yourself where SA would have been now…nowhere!

    Wake up before its all gone becouse malema wont help you build it back up again,and you know it.

  • Hitler drummed up the support of a nation by focussing hate upon a minority race and look what happened. There will always be fascists and followers who will gain power through sheer hysteria and violence. I saw this coming when I left South Africa in 1998 – yes I'm "white". I hope that remaining white South Africans are aware of the possibility of a radical change. You only have to look at Zim – how many whites hung on or went back – for what? I say leave Africa to the blacks – they seem happy to exist in a violent, poverty stricken way don't they? For those blacks who do not want this – stand up and fight back for your rights. It's only the black vote that can rescue South Africa from a potential disaster.

  • Ach, so many prophets of doom! It's highly unlikely that South Africa will head for disaster – that's in nobody's interest. What is happening now is that the country is going through a period of radical change, readjustment. Decades of repressive segregationalist rule built up pressures that are now being released – it's like those racing-driver boyos who shake up bottles of champagne at the end of a race and spray everybody with the contents. So this Malema fellow is talking tough – so did Verwoerd. Verwoerd will forever be associated with Sharpeville. Now we read of the white folk running away like cowards when the going gets tough as the country readjusts to cater for 100% of the people, not just 10%. What would the Voortrekker pioneers think of such an attitude? They must be turning in their graves!

    • You're right. The Voortrekker pioneers must be turning in their graves, but not for the reasons you think. They undertook their Great Trek to get away from the British and all the British laws that they considered to be oppressive. All they ever wanted was to have their own land where they could rule themselves according to their own values.
      I hope for your sake that the "prophets of doom" here are wrong, but given Malema's utterings and position within the ANC, they might just be "prophets of reality". I hope it is not the case.

  • Why do whites, view themselves as a superior race, I think life under the black leadership, is far much better, compared to the colonial era, imagine few had the privileges of attending college, menial jobs was all there was. I will never forgive whites, they refer to Zim as a basket case, when ever there is a revolution, the masses are bound to suffer, but it will be short lived, e. The industrial revolution in britain, agrarian revolution in the Soviet. Our time has come.

  • Can I just say…I am a young south african who is about to go out into the county to get a job and start a family…I’m not going to state my race because there is enough racial tension here…Guess what? We all live in this country…stop acting like a bunch of spoilt children…if people just grew up and were mature the apartheid wouldn’t have happened and this nonsense wouldn’t be going on either…according to the new constitution of south africa all races are equal before the law and everyone is entitled to call this their home country…no whites won it or blacks were here first…does that attitude not remind you of two children fighting over a toy?…Julius Malema lives in large houses, eats well and drives fancy cars…yet the people of this country live in informal settlements, are starving and cannot even afford a bicycle nevermind a car….there was a previous comment saying that people vote for him to get back at the colonizers so to speak…who are you really spiting? I can tell you its only yourself…people need to stop voting for a party who will simply give them a pump of adrenaline from a speech and vote for a party who will provide for the people of the country and meet their needs…there is no pooint in me voting for a certain party just because they are the same race as me…I vote for a party on their policies and make an educated decision on whom I want to lead my country…so please…I urge my fellow south africans to get over the past and look to the future…our development has already been stunted by racial discrimination and tension…let’s not stunt it even further

  • Thank goodness, for now Malema is not South Africa's future. If you haven't heard yet, he was suspended from the ANC for 5 years. That doesn't mean that he won't be trying to influence things from behind the scenes, but it will hopefully mean that he gradually loses all his influence and will be a political has-been in 5 years from now. I see there has been quite a bit of celebration in South Africa about his demise. Let's hope the next leader of the ANCYL has more sense.

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