Poll: SA President Jacob Zuma & Women?

Jacob ZumaSouth Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, has a long history with the ladies and he adds more episodes on a fairly regular basis.

Zuma is a polygamist. In January 2010 he married his 5th wife, and no, the first four wives are not deceased (except for wife #1), and neither is he divorced from them. He is apparently also already engaged to what will be wife #6.

Zuma has fathered 20 children so far, if news reports can be believed. Some of them have been with his wives, but certainly not all of them. For example, the latest one, #20, was born to the unmarried daughter of a friend of Zuma’s in October 2009.

His sexual exploits have landed him in hot water on at least one occasion. A few years ago he was charged with rape after non-consensual sex with a HIV-positive woman. In this incident he famously claimed that the shower he took after the deed safe-guarded him against contracting the virus! He was eventually acquitted, but the sex still took place.

Now the question is…

What do you think of Pres. Zuma's multiple marriages and sexual exploits outside marriage?

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  • I believe that it set a bad example for the world, and South Africa. One that under the old regime would not of ever been even considered. The common people are watching his antics, so is the world.
    In my opinion he is just another African King with the modern trappings of a head of state over what was once a very prosperous, influential, & Christian nation.

  • Of course it is a very bad example to everybody – but does he care?? of course not – and sadly neither does anybody else in his corrupt government. He and his cohorts have destroyed a beautiful country and it is going to hell in a handbasket. It is however unfortunate that people in the USA and the rest if the Western World feel that this is right and just and that Africa belongs to the black man and as such can be destroyed by them as well. Ons vir jou Suid Afrika…

  • At least you are overseas. Living here with this situation is a joke. They promote, single relationships due to the HIV/Aids factor, every half an hour there is an advert about one partner ….

  • He is a disgrace but no different from any other black leader in africa. he may wear a shirt and tie but he is still a simpleton. sadly this is acceptable to the world as africa apparently is only for the black man.
    they hate the white man and dont want him there but have no problems begging for moneey be it to the european union or whoever.
    there isnt one country in the world run successfully by a black man.

    • u r a racist bum, how dare u make such a comment, its not bwt colour but about the content of one's character. if u want to crtisise zuma sure do so, u have a right to ur opinion BUT DO NOT BRING UP SHIT BWT race nw, and for ur info u need to wake up from watever rock uv been living under coz who is america run by??? DATS RITE A BLACK MAN!! AND HE IS DOIN I T SUCCESSFULLY!

      • Rebel. If you think Obama is running America successfully you know nothing about politics, suffering and how people like in Latin America are suffering because of him. Ignorant!

  • Judge this man as an individual as well as his opportunistic bit**s. Dont view them as black South Africans or Zulus. Their behavior is shocking to us as well.

  • It takes two to tango. These women must be on crack to sleep with mr ugly. Like any man what does he care if u get it take it.

  • Pls use your brains u can’t attack all blacks bcoz of Zuma if SA is not good enough 4u go back to your vader land and dont talk nonsense in our country racist idiot.

    • Get an education before you speak lebza. Learn to spell first. You dont know anything about white people either. Truth hurts for you. Its not white people who rape babies and have turned SA into a corrupt dangerous nation. You guys are more racist than you admit. Hows the affirmative action Going? Let me guess you dont have a brain to use to get a job o quota. Like it or not white people are an endangered species in SA thanks to your lot.

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