Is South Africa Falling Apart Under ANC Rule?

south africa falling apart
Is South Africa Falling Apart?

The 1994 elections in South Africa brought big changes to the country. The African National Congress (ANC) won the first all-race elections.

With the changes came a lot of uncertainties.

Everyone was wondering where the country would be heading under ANC rule. Was it going to flourish and grow, or was it going to become another failed African state?

The ruling ANC’s supporters were hopeful of a wonderful new life. Many other people were uncertain. But they hoped that things would be OK. Others feared that South Africa would start falling apart.

Now it is more than 20 years later. Who was right?

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Rhino Poaching – Africa’s Filthy Secret & Why It Must Be Stopped

rhino poaching - a victim
This must be stopped!

Africa has a secret… a filthy secret, that is in fact not so secret at all… rhino poaching!

  • In 1970 there were 70,000 rhinos in Africa.
  • Currently, there are fewer than 30,000 rhinos left.
  • That decline is largely due to rhino poaching.
  • In 2013 alone, more than 1,000 rhinos were killed by poachers!

Rhinos are magnificent animals that have inhabited our planet for about 50 million years. Now, humans are threatening to wipe them out.

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Making Traditional South African Biltong – A Recipe

biltongBiltong is still seen as a South African classic. Although many individuals compare South African Biltong to American Jerky, it is simply not the same.

Whereas American jerky is usually made from slim strips of meat that consist of very little fat, traditional South African biltong are manufactured using large cuts of meat, often having a third of the cut consisting of fat.

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Poll: What Were Your Main Reasons For Leaving South Africa?

Over the past 20 years, hundreds of thousands of people, and by some estimations, more than a million people have been leaving South Africa and settling in other countries.

Some might say, “So what? People have migrated for thousands of years and will continue to do so in the future!”

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Poll: Is South Africa’s State Mining Company the start of Nationalization?

Last year, South Africa’s ANCYL leader, Julius Malema started making a lot of noise about nationalization, and specifically, the nationalization of the mines, a major source of revenue for the country, and the possible establishment of a state mining company.

At the time, as this article suggests, South African President Jacob Zuma said that nationalization is not ANC policy, and that the ANC has not shifted its policy on nationalization.

Yet, a mere 4 months later, Jacob Zuma launched a state mining company!

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The Expat-Hater: A New Brand of South African

As a regular reader of the South African news website, News24, I have become aware of a new type of “conflict” that now exists among South Africans… as if life’s day-to-day challenges aren’t enough to keep everyone busy.

The conflict I am talking about is between South African expats and non-expats in the MyNews24 (letters) section of News24. And at times, it gets downright nasty!

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Polls: South Africa & Soccer World Cup 2010

On the eve of Soccer World Cup 2010 that is being held in South Africa this year, I was wondering how South Africans living abroad feel about sports’ biggest event and the fact that it is held in South Africa this year.

While soccer is a hugely popular sport around the world, not all South Africans are soccer fans. Some may not care to watch SWC 2010 whether it is held in South Africa or not. Others may be very excited about it and can’t wait for it to start.

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The Murder of Eugene Terre’Blanche

Eugene Terre'BlancheEugene Terre’Blanche, the well-known, charismatic leader of the AWB was murdered on his farm outside Ventersdorp in South Africa over this past weekend (April 3, 2010).

This seems to have set off a firestorm in South Africa, especially amongst AWB members and supporters, who regard this murder as “a declaration of war by black people on white people.”

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