Poll: SA President Jacob Zuma & Women?

Jacob Zuma

South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, has a long history with the ladies and he adds more episodes on a fairly regular basis.

Zuma is a polygamist. In January 2010 he married his 5th wife, and no, the first four wives are not deceased (except for wife #1), and neither is he divorced from them. He is apparently also already engaged to what will be wife #6.

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Julius Malema – Is He South Africa’s Future?

julius malema

You know who Julius Malema is, right? If you haven’t been in South Africa for a while, and you don’t really follow the news there, you might not know.

So let me tell you…

He’s the fellow on the right. He is also the controversial leader of the ANC Youth League, with a love for radical statements and threatening anyone he does not agree with.

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Poll: Should The Old South African Flag Be Banned?

old south african flag

The flag on the right, the old South African flag, has been the subject of a lot of controversy since it was replaced in 1994.

The controversy usually seems to be stirred up at rugby matches where one or two spectators wave the old flag among a sea of people waving the new flag.

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