Poll: SA President Jacob Zuma & Women?

Jacob ZumaSouth Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, has a long history with the ladies and he adds more episodes on a fairly regular basis.

Zuma is a polygamist. In January 2010 he married his 5th wife, and no, the first four wives are not deceased (except for wife #1), and neither is he divorced from them. He is apparently also already engaged to what will be wife #6.

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Julius Malema – Is He South Africa’s Future?

julius malemaYou know who Julius Malema is, right? If you haven’t been in South Africa for a while, and you don’t really follow the news there, you might not know.

So let me tell you…

He’s the fellow on the right. He is also the controversial leader of the ANC Youth League, with a love for radical statements and threatening anyone he does not agree with.

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Poll: Give Up SA Citizenship?

Many of us (South Africans living in the US) get green cards that eventually lead to qualifying for US citizenship.

Once you reach that point, the question becomes, “Do I give up my South African citizenship, or do I go for dual-citizenship?”

There are some issues with both options…

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Dual Citizenship – SA/USA

Many South Africans that come to the US obtain green cards at some point, and after a period of time, usually 5 years, they are eligible for US citizenship.

Then the questions arise: Should we give up our South African citizenship? Can we even be dual citizens of South Africa and the US? What are the implications of this? What are the requirements for obtaining dual citizenship? (There was some confusion about this last one!)

I will attempt to answer those questions here…

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Making Boerewors

One of the first things that many South Africans look for when arriving in a new country, is boerewors. The problem is that, except for one exception that I know of, boerewors isn’t for sale at the local meat market.

To help those who have no choice but to make their own boerewors, I want to dedicate an article to that honored tradition.

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Staying In Touch With Us

There is so much going on in all of our lives every day that it becomes tough to keep up with everything. Keeping up with the activities of other people or groups that you are interested in, just adds to it all.

Instead of you having to keep up with what others are doing, wouldn’t it be so much easier if the others simply kept you informed about what’s going on in their world? 🙂

Let’s take a look at all the different methods that we (South Africans in Austin) use to keep people informed. Once you know, you can pick the method(s) you prefer and let us do the work.

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Texas Potjie Festival 2009

The Texas Potjie Festival 2009 is only 4 months away! Before we know it we’ll be sokkie-ing and kuier-ing together again over the Labor Day Weekend.

A few weeks ago the Texas Potjie Committee met up at the KOA campgrounds in Rusk, TX to discuss this year’s gathering.  Going up there just reaffirmed to us how nice the facilities and the surroundings actually are.  We just can’t wait for this year’s Potjie.

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